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Discover Scuba Diving

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This is the perfect program if you have never tried SCUBA diving but want to.

This is a half day program including basic theory, a couple of simple skills in shallow water and then two dives on a coral reef. 


You can start your experience now by clicking the link and signing up for the eLearning before you arrive for the in water fun.


(Click Here) For the web based sign up.

(Click Here) For the mobile app sign up.   


Open Water Course

The Open Water Diver course is the full diving license recognized all over the world. Once you complete the training you will be able to dive to a depth of 18 Meters /60 Feet, with a buddy holding the same or higher qualification.

To achieve this level you complete all five chapters of the Open Water manual and watch the full Open Water DVD (which can be done online), complete all skills in the pool and do four Open Water dives on the coral reef.

This course will take three day's, One full day of theory and pool,

then two half days of Open Water dives.


open water cert card.

Open Water Referral

If you have already completed the theory and confind part of your training and wish to complete the last four dives to achieve your certification. You will only need two half days to finish your training. On arrival we will need a copy of the referral paperwork from your original dive centre.  


Advanced Open Water

The PADI Advanced certification allows the holder to dive to a max depth of 30 Meters/ 90 Feet. You have to complete the Deep and Navigation dives and then you can pick three other adventure dives to make up the advanced course.    

This course can be completed in Two days, but more comfortably in three days.

If you are doing the training over Two days, you will be diving three times in one day over an AM and PM dive schedule and then on the other day you will complete 2 dives either an AM or PM dependant on schedule

If you would like to do this course over three days then you will do Two dives on each day either AM or PM depending on the schedule.


Advanced open water cert card.
EFR cert card.

EFR First Aid

This course is not only for scuba divers but it is a general first aid course.

The Primary first aid training teaches you how to deal with life threatening problems and how to help, Secondary Care teaches you how to help with cuts, stings, illness, breaks and sprains.

You will also learn the differences between treating children and infants with the full EFR first aid course.

We can also add on EAD training on request.  


Learning how to rescue a diver can be the most demanding course you can take but it is the most rewarding.

We run our rescue training starting in the pool, then we head to a lake (cenote) for more training.  Once your ready we head out on the boat for  final sea training. This gives each person a wide range of training so they can help in any style of rescue they may be needed for. 

$7500mxn / $375usd

Rescue Diver

Rescue cert card.
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