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Continue Learning 

Advanced Open Water Course

Continue on your adventure, expanding your skills and knowledge of the underwater world.

5 Adventure Dives in 2 or 3days.

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PADI Advanced Open Water Course

$425 usd

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SDI Advanced Adventure Course

$370 usd

Rescue Course

The rescue diver course is probably one of the most intense but rewarding experiences you can do as a recreational diver. Over 3 days we break down and teach you all the necessary skills you need in order to assist someone in the water whether they are panicking or unconscious. 

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PADI Rescue Diver Course

$425 usd

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SDI Rescue Diver Course

$370 usd

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First Aid

Not just for Divers

How to use an automatic electronic defibrilator. We have our own training AED.

  • controlling high pressure situations and delegating responsibilities. 

  • accident management 

  • preserving life until emergency services arrive

  • treatment of sprain, cuts, stings abrasions, illness and any other injuries.

  • differences between care for adult, children and infants


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Emergency First Response 

$170 usd

First Response Training international Logo

First Response Training International 

$170 usd

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