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Playa Reefs


Here in Playa Del Carmen we have some lovely reefs full of life and beautiful soft corals. All the sites are within 5 to 10 minutes by boat so no need for long surface intervals or travelling time but more time for diving and getting that perfect picture.

The reefs range from easy going 10 Meters/ 30 Feet to more advanced 30 meters/ 100 Feet perfect for all levels of diving. We also have some nice strong currents great for your drift dives to make you feel like you are flying. 

1600mxn / $90 usd


Cenotes are actually caves or tunnels, which have been created by collapsing limestone rocks and are filled with crystal clear water.

The Yucatan has the highest concentration and the greatest number of cenotes in the world.  They are found in all sizes and shapes; underwater passages with large pools while some others are vertical with large wells filled with water.

The Maya considered the Cenotes to be sacred door ways to another world. They were also used for human and animal sacrifice's, and it is still possible to observe animal bones in these Cenote.

The Cenotes cultural and historical heritage are protected by the convention on the protection of underwater cultural heritage. 

photo inside  cenote.

Level 1 Cenote
2600mxn / $145 Usd
*minmum requirement is Open water Diver or Equivalent, Entrance fees not included

Level 2 Cenote
3200mxn / $180 Usd
*Minimum requirement is advanced or equivalent, Entrance fees not included

Cozumel is one of the best places in the world for diving,

The reef system around the island is part of the Mesoamerican reef system, the 2nd largest to the great barrier reef. All the diving on the Island takes place within the National Marine Park protecting all the corals and fish life.


photo of splendid toad fish endemic to cozumel.

The reef is an extremely healthy one home to over 26 coral species and more than 500 species of fish.

Most importantly it is home to the Endemic and Endangered Splendid Toad Fish

We meat at 8 am and return around 2 pm.

We head over to Cozumel on the dive boat directly from the beach in Playa Del Carmen.

This is a two tank dive with snacks onboard between the dives. Once both dives have been completed we then return directly to Playa Del Carmen. 

3900mxn /  $220 usd

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