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Bull Sharks
Tiburon Toro


November to February

Here in Playa Del Carmen from November to February we get to enjoy the wonder of diving with Bull Sharks (Tiburon Toro). This migratory species speaks for itself really, these magnificent creatures swim gracefully around the group no more than 10 meters away with some coming as close as 1-2meters, as we watch their natural behaviours.

It's the best 30 minutes you will have just sitting and watching, as you can see from the video below. The sharks migrate through the Playa waters following the cool winter currents. In the area we normally see all female sharks which are heavily pregnant and we have even seen the pups once they have given birth. 

close up of bull shark

The more calm and relaxed you are the higher chance of seeing them up close. The dive is strictly observational (we do not feed the sharks). Normally we will see a minimum of 2-4sharks each dive but we have seen up to 12sharks on one dive! However with all oceanlife they are wild, sightings are not guarenteed. 

  • Limited Spaces

  • 25meters, 30minutes

  • 2/4sharks upto 12sharks

  • non-feeding

  • close encounter 2m

bull shark close up

Ready to step out of your comfort zone and see these magnificent animals then sign up today. This is a 2 tank dive trip (One with the sharks and one reef dive). 

2900mxn / $165 usd

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